A Designer’s Dream: GlassCraft Introduces New 3D Laminated Barn Doors

Residential entry door manufacturer, GlassCraft Door Company, released its 2021 BarnCraft catalog today, featuring a new 3D laminated product incorporated into its MDF barn door collection. The BarnCraft product series offers a wide range of sliding barn door products.

The new 3D surfaces are a unique type of laminate that can form over flat or router carved MDF doors. There are 14 different MDF barn door designs available, each in 12 different sizes and the 3D laminates come in 19 different colors and textures.
The new 3D laminated barn doors feature 19 different textures and colors. Mimosa Wood Grain Pictured.
The new 3D laminated barn doors feature 19 different textures and colors. Mimosa Wood Grain Pictured.

Known in the industry for its focus on innovation, GlassCraft is the first door manufacturer to use this 3D technology on its barn doors. The broad spectrum of colors and textures can fit a wide range of styles making them a designer’s dream. The laminates have three different textures: wood grain, gemstone, and rock, echoing the natural appeal of these materials. 3D Laminates are artistic and beautiful, yet durable and easy to maintain.

“We are very excited to introduce this new product to the market” said GlassCraft President John Plummer. “We believe this will be a game changer for our BarnCraft product line. The 3D laminates we are using are specifically designed to mold and wrap around MDF panels that can be smooth or routed, essentially taking the shape and form of the door. This creates a seamless and solid appearance. The design options we are offering allows our customers to be creative when choosing colors and shapes for their barn doors that actually create functional pieces of art in the home.”

For more information on the 3D laminated barn doors, visit the GlassCraft website at glasscraft.com/3D-Laminates.

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SOURCE GlassCraft Door Company