Global and China Graphene Markets 2020-2026: Classification, Technology, Development Course, Industry Chain, Prices, Patents, Industrialization, Development Trends, Competitive Landscape

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Wide adoption gives a big boost to the graphene market.

In 2020, the global graphene market was worth USD4,386 million, of which the growing Chinese market was valued at RMB10.1 billion, or 33.4% of the global.

Graphene finds wide commercial application in the form of powder and film. Graphene powder is largely used in new energy and anticorrosive paint; graphene film gets utilized for flexible displays and sensors, with the new energy field demanding over 70%.

For downstream application, graphene is most often seen in new energy-related fields such as lithium battery conductive agent and new energy supercapacitor. The increasingly high penetration of new energy vehicles will fuel the boom of graphene industry. In 2020, the global graphene conductive agent market was valued at RMB6.7 billion; in 2030, the global graphene supercapacitor market is expected to be worth USD609 million, sustaining CAGR of over 20%.

In 2019, China’s production of anticorrosive paint jumped by 18% thanks to good performance of graphene anticorrosive materials in thermal stability and antisepsis. Graphene flexible displays are often demanded by wearable devices. For strong chemosensitivity, graphene-based sensors have a promising future in medicine.

By region, Asia-Pacific region, especially China where advanced manufacturing is rising, demands ever more graphene, leading to a surging graphene market there. In 2020, the region commanded 42.1% of the global graphene market, outstripping the rest of the world in sales. Moreover, considering large numbers of producers with strong competence in research and development, it is predicted that the region’s demand for graphene will soar in the years to come.

Through the lens of competitive pattern, European and American companies stay ahead in graphene preparation technology and applied products like composites and core electronic components, while the Asian graphene application market has a rosy prospect. In China, over 10 listed companies work on research and production of graphene-based products, typically graphene conductive agent, flexible display and heat conductive materials, with the initial capability of mass-producing graphene films and powder.

Among them, The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co., Ltd. as the first one boasting graphene powder and film mass production lines focuses on studying graphene application in sensor and heating film; 2D Carbon (Changzhou) Tech Inc., Ltd. has developed graphene film production lines for application in heating film and flexible display.

Global and China Graphene Industry Report, 2016-2026 highlights the following:

Graphene (classification, technology, development course, industry chain, etc.);
Global graphene industry (status quo, market size, prices, patents, industrialization, development trends, etc.);
China’s graphene industry (status quo, market size, competitive pattern, industrialization, development trends, etc.);
Graphene upstream sectors (market size, etc.)
Graphene downstream sectors (market size, main companies, segments, application, etc.);
20 foreign and 17 Chinese producers of graphene and applied products (operation, graphene business, production layout, R&D, etc.).

Key Topics Covered:

1 Overview of Graphene Industry
1.1 Definition
1.2 Performance
1.3 Preparation Methods
1.4 Development History
1.5 Development Bottleneck
1.6 Industry Chain

2 Development of Global Graphene Industry
2.1 Status Quo
2.2 Market Size
2.3 Prices
2.4 Industrialization Prospects
2.5 Overview of Patents
2.5.1 Total Filings
2.5.2 Structure
2.6 Competitiveness Analysis

3 Development of Chinese Graphene Industry
3.1 Policy Environment
3.2 Status Quo
3.2.1 Graphene Powder
3.2.2 Graphene Film
3.3 Industrialization Development
3.3.1 Industry-University-Research Collaboration
3.3.2 Industrial Parks
3.4 Competitive Pattern
3.4.1 Enterprises’ Layout
3.4.2 Competition

4 Upstream Sectors
4.1 Graphite
4.2 Others
4.2.1 Methane
4.2.2 Ethanol

5 Downstream Application Sectors
5.1 Lithium Battery
5.1.1 Graphene Application
5.1.2 Status Quo
5.2 Supercapacitor
5.2.1 Graphene Application
5.2.2 Status Quo
5.3 Transparent Electrode
5.3.1 Graphene Application
5.3.2 Status Quo
5.4 Integrated Circuits
5.5 Others
5.5.1 Polyester-based Composites
5.5.2 Electrically Conductive Printing Ink
5.5.3 Heat Dissipating Material
5.5.4 RFID

6 Major Global Graphene Producers
6.1 G6 Materials
6.2 CVD
6.3 Focus Graphite
6.4 Lomiko Metals
6.5 Applied Graphene Materials (AGM)
6.6 Graphene NanoChem Plc
6.7 Haydale Graphene Industries
6.8 Northern Graphite
6.9 XG Sciences Inc
6.10 Other Enterprises
6.10.1 Grolltex
6.10.2 Graphenea
6.10.3 Graphene Square
6.10.4 Grafoid
6.10.5 GraphenePlatform Corp
6.10.6 BGT Materials Limited
6.10.7 Angstron Materials
6.10.8 Graphenano
6.10.9 Vorbeck Materials
6.10.10 Cambridge Nanosystems

7 Major Chinese Graphene Producers
7.1 The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
7.2 2D Carbon (Changzhou) Tech Inc., Ltd.
7.3 Beijing Graphene Holding Group Co., Ltd.
7.4 FangdaCarbon New Material Co., Ltd.
7.5 Der Future Science & Technology Holding Group Co., Ltd.
7.6 Kangdexin Composite Material Group Co., Ltd.
7.7 Xiamen KnanoGraphene Technology Co., Ltd.
7.8 Deyang Carbonene Technology Co., Ltd.
7.9 Others
7.9.1 Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech Co., Ltd.
7.9.2 JCNANO Tech Co., Ltd.
7.9.3 Tianjin Plannano Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.
7.9.4 Changzhou Zhongchao Graphene Power Technology Co., Ltd.
7.9.5 Changzhou Ruifengte Technology Co., Ltd.
7.9.6 Dongxu Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
7.9.7 Qingdao Huagao Graphene Technology Corp. Ltd.
7.9.8 Shengquan Group
7.9.9 Qingdao Haoxin New Energy Technology Corporation

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