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SpendEdge’s latest market research report estimates the reagents will grow at a CAGR of 6.93% by 2024. Prices will increase by 4%-5% during the forecast period and suppliers will have a moderate bargaining power in this market. The report offers a detailed study by the way of synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources.
Reagents Market Procurement Research Report
Reagents Market Procurement Research Report

Key Points Covered in this Report:

Am I engaging with the right suppliers?
Which KPIs should I use to evaluate my incumbent suppliers?
Which supplier selection criteria are relevant for Reagents?
What are the Reagents category essentials in terms of SLAs and RFx?

A targeted strategic approach to reagents sourcing will provide several opportunities to buyers. However, in the absence of actionable intelligence on reagents, buyers have resulted in a transaction-based approach towards the category. The report explains key category management objectives that should form the base for sourcing strategy, including:

Top-line growth
Scalability of inputs
Green initiatives
Category innovations
Supply base rationalization
Demand forecasting and governance
Minimalization of ad hoc purchases
Adherence to regulatory nuances
Cost savings
Customer retention
Reduction of TCO
Supply assurance

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This report provides in-depth inputs on streamlining your Reagents category management practices. Request for a FREE sample for detailed answers on:

What should be my strategic sourcing objectives, activities, and enablers for Reagents category?
Which negotiation levers can I pull for cost-saving?
What are Reagents procurement best practices I should be promoting in my supply chain?

Table of Content

Executive Summary
Market Insights
Category Pricing Insights
Cost-saving Opportunities
Best Practices
Category Ecosystem
Category Management Strategy
Category Management Enablers
Suppliers Selection
Suppliers under Coverage
US Market Insights
Category scope

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